Meet the Management Team:

The Hermetix management team is comprised of seasoned executives with many years of experience in the healthcare & hospitality industries as well as in the investment, marketing and advertising world. We are committed to providing three key elements essential to serve our customers; Experience, Integrity and Value.

Donald T. MacEwan – Chief Technology Officer

Since receiving his degree from Temple University’s College of Science and Technology, Don has been involved in the scientific, technical and comprehensive market analysis of products manufactured by medical companies. Don’s scientific teams developed the first modular digital x-ray fluoroscopic system and CT PACS technology which evolved into today’s hospital Enterprise Imaging systems. His leadership role and ability to execute strategic plans for start-up companies resulted in many high-performance businesses. Don’s key strength is in his ability to build, monitor, mentor and strengthen marketing and sales teams that proficiently implement innovative solutions.

He produced product ads for distinguished medical journals and received a graphic arts excellence award for product brochure design. He’s implemented national sales campaigns, VA/DOD and Group Purchasing Organizations’ contracts and Wall Street investor strategies and presentations. Also, he enjoyed improving children’s athletic skills and teaching teamwork while coaching Palm Springs AYSO soccer and Palm Springs Youth League baseball. He is married to his wonderful wife, Teresa, helped raise 6 outstanding children and now thoroughly enjoys his eight grandchildren.

Frank Browning – Executive Partner

After graduating from Abilene Christian University with a degree in business administration, Frank began his career in business representing leading insurance companies such as Allstate and AAA, and as business progressed, he built his own company; Browning and Trudeau Creative Insurance. This led to a highly successful venture in the insurance world as he represented many high- profile Hollywood celebrities, actors, producers and directors. In addition, Frank represented professional sports teams such as the LA Lakers and LA Kings as well as prominent political figures such as President Ronald Reagan.

He is skilled at transforming promising organizations into sustainable and functional enterprises with a focus on profits and market share growth. Frank also represented one of the largest engineering firms in the world; TY Lin. He also conducted ventures into oil drilling in Texas and West Virginia with a successful record.

Frank has also been involved in successful initiatives in the healthcare industry by developing creative programs for major hospitals to deliver proficient technologies such as Computed Tomography.

Keith Salmon – Executive Partner

Keith Salmon is a seasoned veteran in the advertising and marketing world.  As an award-winning video content creator, he has taken many major brands and products to the next level with measurable industry success. He uses the power of brand story along with innovative product demonstrations to propel brands and products into the big time.

Keith is actively developing professional videos, presentations, blogs and marketing communications for social media appearances projecting the Hermetix image to various industries as being ecologically friendly and protecting the environment.

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