Partnering with leading supplier organizations will allow Hermetix to realize its vision of Safeguarding the Planet and resuming the handshake.

Hermetix conducts a highly stringent process in the selection of its supplier partners.  The criteria used includes two important elements; first, they must have superior technology with certified credentials, and second, they must have a proven record of performance in their products.

Surface and Air Disinfection

  • GFK-Radic8
  • American Ultraviolet
  • PleXus Health Sciences
  • Universal UV Solutions
  • Protective Environmental Systems
  • Graffiti-Shield
  • AB Phoenix Global Partners – DoBu Masks
  • National Healthcare Distributors NHD
  • Vision Imaging Partners
  • Bemer Group
  • FinancialCorp

Health and Wellness

Bemer (